Integrated Data Management Services


For organizations with limited metadata management technical capacity or requiring assistance in the area of data documentation, production, harmonization, security, or packaging, our consultancy services are an ideal solution. Our data and metadata experts will ensure that your microdata, aggregated statistics, or scientific databases are of the highest quality and fit for purpose, whether for preservation, delivery to researchers, or dissemination to public users.

We particularly leverage on DDI, SDMX and related metadata specifications, as well as underlying XML information technologies to deliver high quality data products and services aligned on international recommendations and best practices.

IDMS offers a wide range of services to help you improve the overall quality of your statistical or scientific datasets, whether for production, preservation, dissemination or analytical purposes. Through strategic partnerships, we also have the ability to offer a variety of solutions, from software solutions and custom tools development to secure remote data access environments.
Integrated Data and Metada Management Services

Quality Assurance
Questionnaire Design
Disclosure Control
Secure Remote Access


Integrated Standards

Data Documentation Initiative
Statistical Data and Metadata
Exchange (SDMX)
Dublin Core
ISO 11179

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Strategic Partners

  • metadata technology
  • norc data enclave
  • Algenta
  • Ideas2evidence
  • Plan B Ttechnologies
  • Space Time Research
Integrated Data Management Services
Integrated Data Management Services
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