Integrated Data Management Services
Integrated Data Management Services
Integrated Data Management Services
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Data has become one of our modern society most critical and valuable resource.
Its analytical usefulness and potential impact or benefits are however directly proportional to its overall quality. This includes accessibility, timeliness, accuracy, consistency, and other data quality dimensions. Balancing openness with security and respondent protection are also fundamental principles.
We offer a wide range of services and unique domain expertise to ensure your data meets such quality requirements and can effectively be delivered to both consumers and applications.


Quality Assurance

Data Collection
Data Ingestion
Data Profiling
QA Reports
Disclosure/Risk Assessment
Environmental Assessment

Quality Enhancements

Open Data Packaging
Metadata Capture and Documentation
Disclosure/Risk Reduction

Data Delivery

File Retrieval Services
Cloud Repositories
Data as a Service
Metadata as a Service
Data Virtualization
Disclosure/Risk Control
Registration and Advertising


Data Management
Metadata Management
Information Technology
Big Data
Cloud Solutions
Institutional Strategies
Standards and Best Practices


Our primary technolgy partner is
whose products and services delivers modern and powerful solutions for data and knowledge management

We commonly leverage and are skilled with the following tools, technologies, and platforms

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