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Integrated Data Management Services Inc. (IDMS) was established in 2010 by individual experts involved for many years in data and metadata management activities for international organizations, governmental institutions, national statistical offices, data archives, research centers, and non-profit organizations around the globe.

Our mission is to ensure that your statistical or scientific data is effectively managed and fit for purpose in accordance with industry standards and international best practices. We can assist you maximizing data usefulness through standards based documentation, quality assurance services, access and discovery solutions, and institutionalization of practices.

Our key personnel include globally recognized experts in the area of SDMX, DDI and the management of socio-economic data and official statistics.


IDMS fully understands the sensitive nature of statistical data and related privacy issues. We are committed to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality for information we come in contact with and to fully abide by international statistical principles, national laws, and institutional policies. Our data managers are also required to maintain an up to date Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act (CIPSEA) certification.


Our company operates globally with corporate office located in Chevy Chase, MD. To complement our products and services, we have established strategic partnerships with:

Our network also includes experts and technology specialists from various domains who can be hired as needed as project consultants.
Integrated Data and Metada Management Services

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Questionnaire Design
Disclosure Control
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Integrated Standards

Data Documentation Initiative
Statistical Data and Metadata
Exchange (SDMX)
Dublin Core
ISO 11179

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Strategic Partners

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  • Space Time Research
Integrated Data Management Services
Integrated Data Management Services
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