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Data is personal and we custom each project to our clients’ needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Surrounding data with relevant metadata is essential to ensure that users get access to the information they need to effectively perform analysis. Metadata also plays a critical role for data processing, archiving, discovery and dissemination purposes. IDMS data documentation services follow best practices and leverage on XML specifications such as the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) to deliver high quality products. We can work with you to ensure that you data is accompanied by comprehensive documentation to ensure fitness for use.

Curation, Enhancements, Quality Assurance

We fully understand that no dataset is perfect. Collecting data from the real world is challenging, and resource constraints, methodological differences, practical adjustments, are some of the many barriers to perfection. We provide a wide range of services surrounding the overall improvement of data, from simple quality assessment to extensive reorganization of datasets.


Bringing data together, whether from the same collection or across sources or organizations, is often a challenging process. Changes over time or between rounds, differences in definitions and methodologies, variations in questionnaires designs and collection instruments, use of different codes and categories, amongst others, can lead to discrepancies or significant incompatibilities between data files. IDMS can assist you in addressing harmonization issues at both the data and metadata levels. We can also advise you on how to improve your existing processes to minimize such risks in future data related activities.


Data and surrounding metadata can be stored in many different shape and forms. Making the right choice is essential to guarantee that the information is available for preservation, ready for dissemination, fit for use by researchers, or other processing purposes. IDMS provides technical assistance and services for the packaging of data and documentation in open formats that ensure long term readability and compatibility with a wide range of data analysis and processing software. We can also restructure files and variables to deliver multiple data products depending on the intended needs and uses.

Preservation, Discovery and Access

Securely storing data and metadata for long term preservation, ensuring that users become aware of the availability of your data, safely providing access to public or sensitive data in accordance to policies, customizing data and documentation to the user’s need, are some of the many challenges that, with the help of our strategic partners, we can help you meet. We leverage on both best practices and technology to ensure that your data is effectively preserved and made available to all users.

Other Services

In addition to the above services, we can provide assistance on many other data processing related activities. This include for example the maintenance of concepts and classifications, the preparation of questionnaires, issues relating to statistical disclosure control (risk assessment, anonymization), and many other topics. Do not hesitate to contact us for your statistical or scientific data and metadata needs.
Integrated Data and Metada Management Services

Quality Assurance
Questionnaire Design
Disclosure Control
Secure Remote Access


Integrated Standards

Data Documentation Initiative
Statistical Data and Metadata
Exchange (SDMX)
Dublin Core
ISO 11179

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Integrated Data Management Services
Integrated Data Management Services
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