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Standards and Best Practices

Metadata standards and related best practices are a the foundation of our company. Ensuring that data and related documentation are captured in compliance with international guidelines leveraging on industry standard information technologies is key to meet data quality standards and customers expectations.

The core metadata specifications that our services revolves around are briefly outlined below.They complement each other to form a solid set of practices to document and manage processes across the entire data life cycle, from the respondent or data source to the researcher, press, general public, policy maker and other stakeholders. They are based on XML technologies commonly used today to drive software tools and for the publication or exchange of information between agencies or over the Internet, therefore providing a common language for producers and users.

Our primary technology partner, Metadata Technology North America, has a extended experience in these standards and technologies and complement our services with state of the are IT solutions and unique domain expertise.

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

The DDI is a specialized metadata standard for describing survey raw data or low level observations. It is widely used by data producers, archives and research data centers, and covers both micro-data and the resulting tabulated aggregates.

The Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange Standard (SDMX / ISO 17639)

SDMX is a standard for managing aggregated data, time series and indicators. SDMX provides a model for collecting, disseminating, reporting, and processing aggregate statistical data and related metadata. It also provides a registry-based architecture for managing and automating the exchange of data and metadata within domains.

Other specifications

In addition to the specifications listed above, we also leverages on the following standards: ISO/IEC 11179, Metadata Encoding &Transmission Standard (METS), eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), Dublin Core (DC), and others.
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